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ANIMA is a community that comes together in the practise of all inclusivity, no judgement and radical self expression.

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

About Us

ANIMA is a tribal community exploring the elemental wisdom of the ancient and the indigena, in quest of balanced harmony of the Mind, Body and Spirit.  We believe that the Mind, Body and Spirit is an holistic alchemy of the elements, and wisdom in their practice can pathe the journey to consciously living in balance and unveiling our potentiality.  We unearth, explore, learn and share practise of old arts and sciences, as we curiously integrate what resonates in to our lives today.


ANIMA is nestled on the banks of the River Thames in Ferry Quays, Brentford.  Serendipity would have it that we have an audience with the elements. The Sun bathes us till dusk and Kew gardens nods green on our horizon. The tidal waters bring with them our boat-housed neighbours and a cleansing air refreshing to even the eye .    


Practise yoga, dance and much more with a river view; 

Sip on botanical mixes from the Serpent Bar; or,

Retreat to the Cosmic Aether, a space of contemplation and meditation.

House of Agni
House of Gaia
House of Aer
House of Agua

The fiery flames transform

The earthern clay does form

The directing winds do call

The swirling water does create

Guiding principles

| Radical inclusivity

| No judgement

| True Self Expression

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